Value Added Products

Idly/Dosa podi or powder
We have in different varieties of idly/dosa podis in our store

  • Poondu/Garlc powder
  • Kollu/horse gram powder
  • Murngai/Moringa powder
  • Malli Powder
  • Narthai Illai Powder

Rice Podi or powder

These powders can be consumed by mixing with rice

  • Curry Leaf powder/ Karuvepillai Sadha podi
  • Moringa/Murungai Sadha podi
  • Omam Milagu sadha podi
  • Ellu Podi


Kulambu/Gravy powder

  • Sambar powder
  • Rasa powder
  • Masala powder
  • Chilli powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Malli powder

Vadam and Nettu Vadam

These vadams are made form traditional rice variety “Pannagattu Kodai Vazai”





Millet Noodle

We have different millet noodles made without maida. We have kambu,ragi,samai,kuthiravali,cholam noodles





Millet Sevai

We have kambu,ragi,rice,cholam and wheat savai





Millet Dosa Mix

We have kambu, ragi, kuthiraivalli, samai, thinai, varagu, adai and cholam dosa mix





Millet Cookies

We have Ragi, kambu, Samai, Kuthiraivali and varagu cookies





Samba wheat Rava and special wheat rava

Brinjal Vathal


More Milagai

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