Bengal Gram

Bengal Gram is known as the dark Brown Peas and Channa. It is known as a one of the important pulse in India. Bengal gram has good amount of iron, sodium, selenium and small amount of copper zinc and manganese. They are also a very good source of folic acid and fiber. It contains a contain phytochemicals called saponins, which can act as antioxidants. Bengal Gram are beneficial for numerous health problems.


Bengal grams enhance the utilization of glucose, which is good for diabetic persons and also for normal persons. Bengal gram extracts are good for diabetic patients. It helps to improving the blood sugar levels, glucose, tolerance, urinary excretion of sugar and general condition.

Digestive System
Disorder It cures the digestive problems such as indigestion, dysentery, vomiting, dyspepsia and diarrhea.

Bengal gram juice known for a rich source of iron and that is highly beneficial for the iron deficiency anemia. A tablespoonful of fresh Bengal gram juice mixed with honey should be helpful in anemic condition.

Hair and Skin Disease
The bengal gram flour helpful for curing the skin problems such as pimple, eczema, acne, dermatitis, scabies etc. Mix the bengal gram flour with curd and apply the paste on affected area for 10 to 15 min. It gives you the beneficial result. It gives the long strengthen hair and stop the hair fall.

Painful Menstruating
Cure the painful menstruation problem by taking a hot bath with putting Bengal gram plant in hot water to have beneficial results.

Moong Dal

Moong dal is a great source of complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein. They are an excellent source of molybdenum and folic acid. Regular consumption of moong dal helps to reduce cholesterol since they are rich in fiber. High fiber in green beans keeps blood sugar from rising after mealtime. This makes green beans a great choice for people with insulin resistance, or hypoglycemia. Moong dal possesses antioxidant properties; folic acid, magnesium and vitamin B6 which aids in a healthy heart. Vitamin B6 and folic acid lower homocysteine levels known as methylation cycle.

Weight loss :
Moong dal is very low in fat and can be easily digested. It is an excellent source of fiber, protein and carbohydrates, as well as folic acid and molybdenum. These essential minerals help to neutralize free radicals responsible for cell damage and disease.

Reduce cholesterol levels :
Moong dal being high in dietary fiber helps in reducing cholesterol levels to a large extent. Studies show that fiber in beans prevent rising of blood sugar after mealtime. This makes it a great food choice for individuals with hypoglycemia or those with insulin resistance.

Improve immune system :
Moong dal contains vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). Regular intake of food high in Vitamin B-6 is believed to protect you from contagious agents responsible for disease, as well as viral infections

Improves cardiovascular health :
Moong dal are high in antioxidants, magnesium, vitamin B6, fiber and folic acid that help improve heart health, preventing the occurrence of diseases such as arteriosclerosis and hardening of the arterial wall. In addition, folic acid and vitamin B6 lower levels of homocysteine in the body, which is the main contributor to stroke and heart attack.

Toor Dal

  • Toor dal or Tur dal is staple food in Indian cuisine. It is the main protein compliment for vegetarian diet when paired with a starchy food like rice and is a dish that is prepared everyday in most of the Indian homes
  • Toor Dal provides many of the nutrients your body needs, such as protein, fat, and     carbohydrates. These foods serve as the best plant source of protein
  • The iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins in these foods help meet     vitamin and mineral requirements
  • It is high in dietary fiber, low in saturated fat, and cholesterol free
  • An excellent source of protein and fiber
  • When combined with rice you get a complete protein

Pasi Payaru

Health Benefits of Pasi payaru
  • It is good for pregnanacy and breast feeding woman.
  • It helps in digestion and increases nutritive value.
  • It is also helpful in treating appendiciti

Chenna Dal

The Chana Dal is low in saturated fat. Chana Dal is the most popular pulse in India.
  • Chana dal is high in fiber and help to lower cholesterol
  • Apart from having a great taste, it also has a very low glycemic index, which is important for     those with diabetes.
  • Chana dal can be a good food for people with diabetes because it has a     low glycemic index
  • Chenna Dal are a helpful source of zinc, folate, calcium and protein.
  • Chenna Dal are low in fat and most of it is polyunsaturated


Black Gram

The black gram or the urad dal is one of the most popular and widely used Indian pulses. . Black gram is often ground to paste to prepare different dishes like idlis and dosas
  • It provides many of the nutrients your body needs, such as protein, fat, and carbohydrates.    These foods serve as the best plant source of protein. Protein is considered essential for overall    development of the body and muscles
  • This legume contains building blocks of protein necessary for good health.
  • The iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins in these foods help meet     vitamin and mineral requirements.
  • Regular consumption of black gram also promotes hair growth and overall health
  • Consumption of black grams also helps to reduce cholesterol and    improves cardiovascular health. It contains high levels of magnesium and folate which aids in     blood circulation. It also prevents damage to the walls of the arteries
Black Gram is also rich in fiber content and thereby enhances digestion. It     includes two types of fiber including soluble and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber helps to prevent     constipation whereas soluble fiber aids in digestion





Rajma is a very popular dish from the North Indian cuisine. Its also called as Chilli Bean and its dark red in color and the visually resemblance the shape of a kidney.

Kidney beans are a very good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber, as are most other beans. In    addition to lowering cholesterol, kidney beans' high fiber content prevents blood sugar levels   from rising too rapidly after a meal, making these beans an especially good choice for     individuals with diabetes, insulin resistance or hypoglycemia

Ground Nut

  • Groundnuts are valuable in diabetes. Eating a handful of groundnuts daily by diabetics will notonly prevent malnutrition, particularly the deficiency of niacin, but also checks the development of vascular complications
  • The eating of raw nuts increases the supply of milk in nursing mothers
  • Eating peanuts helps in cases of malnutrition, tuberculosis and general weakness
  • Externally used, the fresh cold-pressed peanut oil is applied in hemorrhoids or piles
  • Introducing a few drops of fresh peanut oil in the ears helps in cases of otalgia or pain in the ears
  • The same fresh oil removes spots from the face and heals chapped lips


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