Panchakavya Products

Holy Ash, Viboothi
Desi Cow Dung, rice chaff, basil (thiruneeru pachai).

Directions for Use
Apply Morning and evening on forehead, all joints above hip, itchy spots, insect bite areas of your skin.


Absorbs excess water from sinus area. Strengthens joint ligaments. Prevents and cures itches, burn sensations, insect bites. Water can be purified of disease causing microbes by using just 2 spoons of viboothi for 20 litres of water. Accelerates healing of persistent diabetic wounds and sores when applied regularly. Accelerates healing of chicken pox and measles scars when applied as a paste regularly.

Bathing Powder
Moong Flour, Chickpea flour, viboothi, neem leaves, bel leaves, , tulsi leaves, khas (vetti veru), champaka flower, kichli kizhangu, ginger, rose petals, maru, davanam and other herbs.

Directions for Use
Make a loose paste with 1 teaspoon of powder and apply all over body. Rinse after 30 seconds.


Our body is made of billions of cells and new cells are born and old cells die everyday. When you take a bath without any soap or chemicals and wipe with khadi towel, the dead cells are perceived from the white froth arising from washing the khadi towel. When you bathe using soap, the froth and chemicals get stuck in the skin pores and reduce the longevity and vitality of the surface cells. This is what manifests as skin sores and infections. Our bath powder is organic and acts as a natural herbal scrub when applied gently as a paste. It effectively exfoliates the skin and gives a natural glow.

Natural Dhoop (Computer sambrani)
Organic Gobar (cow dung) powder, 5 types of frankincense (sambrani), sarja rasa (kungiliyam), vetti veru (khas), and other herbal essences.

Directions for Use

Burnt For pooja and during ight as osquito repellant.


Normal computer sambrani is mixed with coal or charcoal and hence releases carbon monoxide when burnt. Carbon monoxide is a widely known fatal poisonous gas. At lower concentrations it is known to cause brain tumors and dementia. Our dhoop is made from natural gobar and hence gives the benefit of doing a yagna and also acts as a natural air purifier and insect repellant.

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