Eco Living Products

Stainless Steel Water Bottle
We request our customers to use these stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic water bottles for themselves and for their children’s.


Coconut Shell Products
We have the following products made out of coconut shell with natural polish

  • Soup Bowls
  • Juice Cups
  • Tea Cups
  • Ice Cream Cups


We have combs made from “Kadigai Tree”





Palm Leaf Products

We have pooja baskets, serving trays,  etc made out of palm leaf





Rat Control

  • Home or home garden invites rats simply because of the products that are being produced / used in the home or garden
  • Rat is an intelligent animal which communicates well with other rats on any product that it tastes
  • Of course, rats eat good foods kept in homes also
  • All products that are generally available in the market are toxic/poisonous
  • The toxic and poisonous products are dangerous to human being/other pets that are being kept in homes
  • If the rat eats the poison stuff, it touches other products in the home and that also becomes poisonous
  • First time in India, we offer a product for rat control which is
  • Non toxic – no poisonous - no harm to human being or other pets
  • It is made from cellulous and contains no harmful chemicals
  • Our Rodol is certified for its efficacy at a reputed toxicology study centre and also tested for secondary non-toxicity proving its safety for non-targets including animals like chicken

How to use Rat Control
  • Use 15-30 grams bait (1-2 portions of the 6 segment cake) at 6 feet apart
  • For heavy infesation, reduce the distance to four feet

Cockroach Control

  • Punch is a cockroach control product
  • Cockroaches can live under the worst conditions better than any living being on earth
  • Cockroaches are irritants/poisonous and spoil foods
  • Our Cockroach control product Punch has a unique formulation for managing the cockroach menace in a novel way
  • The formulation consists of all edible ingredients and hence is perfectly safe for non-targets including human beings
  • It is non-toxic

How to use Punch
  • Sprinkle the powder over cockroach prone areas
  • Use by hands permitted
  • Wash the hands after use thoroughly
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